Cartridge Works is a family run business, that has the one value that has long since passed ‘ We Are Interested’ and do provide a ‘Quality Product’ at a fair price.

We Refill and Remanufacture most ink and laser cartridges, this is our Core business. All our refilled and remanufactured cartridges are produced in store to the highest standards, and use products from the industry leaders. Therefore you are supporting a local business protecting local jobs.

We stock a wide range of ready remanufactured cartridges, so we can provide a quality service not only to businesses but the general public also.

A printer cartridge has a carbon footprint of 60%; we believe that printer users have a moral duty where possible to have their cartridges refilled. Buying ‘Copy’ cartridges is not recycling; it has the same effect on the environment as buying a new cartridge. The cartridges that can’t be refilled to our high standards are still recycled and are sent to a recycling company.

Business Customers
We offer full services to our business customers, from carrying out surveys on your printers, so we can assess your consumable needs and tailoring a package to suit you and your business.

We also offer computer upgrades/repairs and printer repairs for small businesses that do not have the facility of in house technicians. Laser printers need servicing that are working in a business environment; to this end we offer contract maintenance on printers for a one off yearly payment. (Subject to survey)

Whilst there are the obvious cost savings in refilling and remanufacturing, coupled with the ‘Green Action’ there are also soft savings, that are not as obvious to be made in terms of reduced inventory across departments by using common printers that are ‘Fit for purpose’. The capital tied up in New OEM cartridges to cover your usage and to cover the need to change a cartridge now!

We have a large customer that has not had to purchase one NEW cartridge in over 12 months, and when they purchase new printers we have supplied the spare cartridges from our stocks, so no waste there either, and cost savings also.

We really do pride ourselves on providing a quality product at a fair price.

I am sure lots of businesses have tried the refilling option, and have had poor results. Now try a company that provides a quality product, not a cheap price. What have you got to loose with our guarantee and over 15 years of experience.