Q How does it work?

All you need to do is bring us your old cartridge, in most cases you won’t have to wait we will swap your empty for a refilled or remanufactured one. If you don’t have an empty cartridge don’t worry we can sell you a prefilled or an OEM cartridge.

Q What is the risk of a refilled cartridge?

None. We provide a quality product and service. To this end we warrant all our products with complete satisfaction

Q How much will I save?

This will depend on your printer model. As a general rule you will save up to 50% over the cost of a new cartridge, some are even higher especially on some laser cartridges.

Q Will using ‘Refilled’ cartridges void the printers warranty ?

No not at all. Hewlett Packard state on their website, that using a refilled cartridge does not affect the warranty, except if is proven that the printer failure or damage is attributed to the cartridge.

Q  How do I look after my ink cartridge?

Don’t try and get every drop of ink out of it. Leave a little in and it will pay you back with future quality refills. We will inform you of a failure as we test the cartridge after refilling, if its not 100% it does not go out.